Friday, 23 February 2007

White-winged Herring Gull

Much better views of the 'white-winged' gull on the 23rd Feb revealed that it was definitely just a Herring Gull type.

Update - 27th March 2007 - I have just found an article on the website of a similar bird seen in Berkshire. See:

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Water Pipit video

A video of the Water Pipit which has been wintering at the Willington GP complex, Beds during the winter of 2006/07.

White winged gull

Here are a couple of poor video stills of the white winged gull in the Stewartby roost on Sunday night. This bird was very similar in size and mantle colour to the bird seen at Grafham the following night though the latter bird did show a hint of grey on the primaries. Nither bird being the Kumlins seen the previous nights. Comments welcome.

Iceland Gull?

There was a bit of chat about the mantle being too dark for an Iceland Gull? Ignore the seeminly dark shades in the primaries - they are just a feature of the video-grab, and were not really on the bird. The bird had a reasonably large head and bright bill too. Was this a Herring Gull with amazingly white primaries? Or just a very dark and butch Iceland Gull? Please leave your comments under the post, or email the BedsBirds email group. Stewartby Lake, 18th Feb 2007 by Steve Blain.

Please see the photo in Birding World volume 12, number 2, page 63, plate 4 - this is a very odd looking gull as well and could be the same as the Stewartby bird? It is headed up as possibly either an Iceland or Glaucous x Herring Gull bybrid. However there was also talk of it being a 'Point Barrow' Gull, which is the longest-winged form of Glaucous Gull. Food for thought.

Water Pipit at 100 Acre

The long staying Water Pipit now finally looking a little more spring like. This time it was on 100 Acre GP, 18th Feb 2007 by Steve Blain.

Med Gulls

Two of the three different adult summer Med Gulls that were in the Stewartby Lake roost this evening. 18th Feb 2007 by Steve Blain.

Corn Bunts

Just part of the 112 Corn Buntings that were on the wires at Moggerhanger today. 18th Feb 2007 by Steve Blain.

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Male Pintail at Blunham

I think, only the fourth Pintail at Blunham this winter following a female and a pair last year. Never did wake up though! Photographed in low light by Richard Bashford

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


One of a pair of Ravens seen recently over Swiss Gardens. 14th February 2007 by Steve Blain.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

albinistic Black-headed Gull

This albinistic Black-headed Gull has been a regular feature of the Bedfordshire gull roosts in recent years. It's a striking bird. 11th Feb 2007 by Steve Blain.

Stewartby roost

A view across the Stewartby Lake gull roost. 11th February 2007 by Steve Blain.

Red Kites with the Ravens

These two Red Kites were with the Ravens in south Beds. 11th Feb 2007 by Steve Blain.

South Beds Ravens

A pair of Ravens in south Beds were displaying and showing well this morning. 11th Feb 2007 by Steve Blain.

Chiloe Wigeon

Whilst looking for Richard's odd female wigeon at Radwell (which has been hanging around since early Jan), I came upon this bird on the pit near the portacabins...

Little Bunting in Herts

Want to find one of these in Beds ?
I do and I have been looking in lots of fields, game strips etc.
Make it easier to find by being familiar with the bird and how they would look and behave in a typical Beds-type setting. I thoroughly recommend a visit to Amwell near Hertford, if you have not been, to familiarise or refamiliarise yourself with this species, feeding in the presence of Reed Buntings and giving very good views.

Cainhoe Stonechat

Seems to be plenty of Stonechats wintering around Beds, this is a typical pose of the bird at Cainhoe Pits which favours the south shore of the eastern pit. This image captured on January 14th 2007.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Garden Blackcap

This female Blackcap has been visiting our Lower Stondon garden for a few days now. She has been eating berries from Honeysuckle and Pyracantha. Hopefully I might get a better photo of her feeding but its difficult though double-glazing! Taken with Nikon D200 & Sigma 70-300 Zoom.

White-eared Wigeon

A strange looking Wigeon at Radwell today. This bird was with about 350 other Wigeon on the 'Razorbill Lake' under the railway bridge. Photo by Richard Bashford

Friday, 9 February 2007

Garden Woodcock

This Woodcock was found in a Sandy garden on the snowiest day of the winter - 8th Feb 2007. Image by Graham Inwood.

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Birds at The Lodge

Redwing about to join the Stratford Road ivy berry feast

Blue Tit inspecting nestbox

Two Tawnies sitting in a tree, one says to the other...

Another walk around Swiss Gardens in search of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers failed to find any. However I refound the Tawny Owl roosting in its conifer, but this time it had a mate. 6th Feb 2007.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker video

Female Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Woburn Park, Bedfordshire. Feb 2007 by Steve Blain

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Beardies at MVCP

Two female/immature Bearded Tits were showing well at Marston Vale CP today. 4th Feb 2007 by Steve Blain.

Cetti's Warbler at Priory

Usually very skulking, but a little less so today. Cetti's Warbler at Priory CP, 4th Feb 2007 by Steve Blain.

Lesser Spot

A female Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in Woburn Park. 4th February 2007 by Steve Blain.

Willington early morning

Reed Buntings were acrobatically feeding on reed mace heads.

A cold Carrion Crow. Both taken on 4th February 2007 by Steve Blain.


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