Sunday, 3 January 2010

Two days on the MVCP...AKA

The Good (today's Curlew photo), the bad (today's photo of the one of the two GN Diver's second visit to Stewartby Lake in a week, at least I got some sort of photo this time...) and the REALLY quite annoying - I took a view-shot of the unusually large number of waterbirds on the MVCP Pillinge yesterday only to look at it on the computer last night and realise one of the geese looked worryingly like a Whitefront. There was a pretty good reason for this, it was one... :-( An MVCP tick for me and I didn't even realise I had seen it. On the plus-side I'm ticking it anyway for two reasons - 1) I must have "seen" it and 2) I have decided I have no morals... ;-) Photographs by Martin (deeply embarrassed) Green.

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