Thursday, 1 March 2012

Wintering Ring Ouzel

This Ring Ouzel has spent the winter around Dunstable.  It was first seen on 13th January on the edge of Kensworth Quarry, before being relocated in a Dunstable back garden by Sue Yannakopoulos on 8th and 9th February.  Sue commented:
"Snow was still on the ground those two days and he was obviously very hungry, he stayed most of the day and appeared next day from early morning until late afternoon.  We felt quite honoured to have had a visit."

This is only the second time a Ring Ouzel has wintered in Bedfordshire, after a bird spent almost two months around a Toddgton garden in 2011.

Many thanks to Sue for permission for us to use the photos above, and to the Ring Ouzel group for passing on Sue's original email.

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