Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Grasshopper Warbler

Grasshopper Warbler, Willington GP, 22nd April 2015

A Good Day

Due to a technical hitch my efforts at putting my bird pics on blog have failed but due to Steve B getting on the case hopefully this has been resolved. A bit late but my latest efforts below.

Tuesday 14th April 2015 after lots of reports I finally had the time to visit Blows Downs in search of the reported spring migrants. Walked from gate at Hatters Way end and through the chalk pits but no sign of Rouzels. Got to paddocks at Half Moon Lane end and spotted two guy's with scopes. As I approached I was told up to 9 Wheatears were present on the far side of the paddocks by the cross path. Sure enough I could see 6 or so. To far for a shot so waited and waited. Eventually walking down to the path in question only to find the birds had moved further away up the slope. Waited and waited. Eventually moved back to original position to find a couple of birds close enough for a few shots and also some good views of a nice male Redstart but to far away to photograph. Walked back to chalk pits but still no Rouzels up on the ridge a couple of people indicated that the birds were about on the trees behind Tesco. Waited and waited but no birds. As a left I walked further along the ridge to were it overlooks the roundabout that feeds Hatters Way and as I turned a corner at least 6 Rouzels took flight, one remained for a few seconds and I managed a shot. The first Rouzels I have ever seen. Out for 9 hours but a good day.


                   Wheatear in Blows Downs Paddocks


                       Ring Ouzel on slopes above
             Skimpot Road/ Hatters Way roundabout

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Osprey, Ouzel & Redstart all in a Day Out & About in Beds 11-04-2015

Started the day at Blows Downs and with the help of Mick Price got onto a rather distant Common Redstart in the Paddocks and a couple Ring Ouzel on the Chalk Pit Slope, I was just about to get a half decent close up shot of the Ouzel when it was flushed off the top of the bush in front of me by a low flying Red Kite so that was the end of that. I then got a call from Carolyn & Malcolm Hawkes re the possibility of an Osprey at Eversholt and dived down there late on 5 ish to try and get a look.

Again the bird was still on site but again quite distant but an Osprey in Beds all the same.

All in all a very good day all around, the photo's are not the best as everything was so distant but its not everyday you get Redstart, Ouzel & Osprey on the same day in Beds


Yellowhammer, Broom GP, 11th April 2015

Friday, 3 April 2015

Lady Amherst's Pheasant video

Lady Amherst's Pheasant, Milbrook, 3rd April 2015 by Alex Jones.

Gargany Marston Vale MCP

Bit of a grey dull day, I started at Marston Vale MCP and got some good views of the male Gargany, also saw Cettis Warbler and 2 Beardies on the same pond adjacent to the road leading to the car park. I then moved on to Lidlington where I bombed out on the Lady Amherst but did get a very brief glimpse of a Firecrest at the bottom of the track near the pond, once again it was far too quick for the camera how frustrating! On the way home I popped into Eversholt, but sadly no sign of the LSW, when I got back to Leighton Buzzard I got some lovely views of the Blackcap and Song Thrush in the garden after the ivy berries.

Happy Easter Everybody

Lady Amherst's Pheasant

Lady Amherst's Pheasant, Millbrook Proving Ground, 3rd April 2015 by Martin Palmer


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