Saturday, 9 July 2016

Kingfisher Dunstable Sewage Treatment Works

I had a couple of hours to spare today having done all my jobs etc so sneaked off to Dunstable STW with the camera to see what was about. It was all very quiet on site with no sign of the 6-7 Green Sandpipers reported on site over the last week or so, encouragingly though I did hear a Water Rail which has recently been notable by its absence which is always a treat. It kept its head down though so no photo's unfortunately.

I did however have 3 quite lengthy fishing visits by the Kingfishers in the 2 hours on site, it certainly wasn't bothered by me in the hide and managed to feast on quite a considerable amount of Sticklebacks during its visits, with well over a 95+ % success rate for each attempt at a fish.


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