Beds Rookeries

At this time of year rookeries are a hive of activity with birds milling about above the rookery often visible from some distance making them easy to locate.

This year I am again running a Bedfordshire rookery survey. The results can be followed on a google map at

The green markers are rookeries active in 2016, the red markers are rookeries from previous years where no activity has been noted this year while yellow markers are rookeries from previous years not yet visited in 2016.

If you would like to contribute, all rookery data will be gratefully received. For each rookery I am collecting: Rookery Name, ordnance survey grid reference, count date, nest count and, if possible, species of tree with number of nests per tree species.

For comparison with past (and future) surveys a rookery is defined as any nest or group of nests more than 100m from the next nearest nest or group of nests.

Most rookery names I have taken from a feature on the OS maps; these may differ from how the rookery is known locally. Please let me know if any of the existing names need changing.

The majority of rookeries so far recorded have been visible from a road. If you are out for a country walk this weekend and come across a rookery, please let me know. While watching a TV news item from Woburn Safari Park, I noticed a rookery in the background, if you are visiting the safari park, please let me know if you see a rookery.

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