Saturday, 11 April 2015

Osprey, Ouzel & Redstart all in a Day Out & About in Beds 11-04-2015

Started the day at Blows Downs and with the help of Mick Price got onto a rather distant Common Redstart in the Paddocks and a couple Ring Ouzel on the Chalk Pit Slope, I was just about to get a half decent close up shot of the Ouzel when it was flushed off the top of the bush in front of me by a low flying Red Kite so that was the end of that. I then got a call from Carolyn & Malcolm Hawkes re the possibility of an Osprey at Eversholt and dived down there late on 5 ish to try and get a look.

Again the bird was still on site but again quite distant but an Osprey in Beds all the same.

All in all a very good day all around, the photo's are not the best as everything was so distant but its not everyday you get Redstart, Ouzel & Osprey on the same day in Beds

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