Bird News

This Bedfordshire bird news feed comes directly from Twitter. Most of the news is posted under the Bedsbirdsnews twitter account and comes directly from the BedsBirds email group here:

If you are a Twitter user please use the hashtag #rbnBDF to post any bird news you have, but ALSO please add in @bedsbirdsnews too - that way anyone subscribing to that account will receive the same news via a re-tweet.

HOWEVER, please don't forget to add your records to BirdTrack too.  Unfortunately a tweet alone won't suffice as the record won't do anything for conservation, or enter the county database, or be used in the Bedfordshire Bird Report.

So to RECEIVE beds bird news follow:

If you want to report something in Bedfordshire USE THIS HASHTAG
but don't forget to add in the @bedsbirdsnews for it to be re-tweeted to others.

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